Tricia Apel

National Board Certified

Middle School Math Teacher



SmartBoards, Graphing Calculators, and Linker Cubes:
Hands-on Methods for Exploring Data Analysis

NESA Teacher Workshop - Handouts and extended information
Spring Educator's Conference, Greece 2007

Tricia and Warren Apel
American Embassy School, New Delhi

Topics: Math, Technology, Assessment Analysis
Subject: Teaching students (and teachers!) how to use box-and-whisker graphs
Level: Grades 4 to 8

This is an exciting, interactive, kinesthetic lesson for teaching concepts like average, median and quartile to students. We will also demonstrate how teachers and administrators can use the box-and-whisker graph to better inform instruction. Everyone leaves with several new teaching tips and data analysis techniques. (If you have your own graphing calculator, please bring it with you!)


We hope you will enjoy our presentation. We'll bring 30 or so copies of the handouts with us, but if we run out or if you are unable to attend, you can download them here. You'll find copies of our handouts and slide presentations, as well as some additional resources that may prove helpful. If you have questions about box-and-whisker graphs, analyzing student assessment data, or using technology to dig into data, please send us an email!


If you'd like to download everything, probably the easiest is the Zip-compressed folder with all the handouts, Excel files, and the PowerPoint contained in it. But if you'd just like one part, you can choose from the sections below.

Handout cover PPT cover Making a Box and Whisker Graph in Excel - handout
The eleven-page handout distributed during the presentation, with samples of histograms, instructions for the linker cube activity, and instructions for creating the human box-and-whisker graph. Also contains sample graphs and a written commentary on the difference between the average column graph and the box and whisker, or quartile graph. Instructions for the linker cube activity, and the two graphs or reading levels in 5th grade.

Step-by-step guide to creating a box-and-whisker graph in Excel.


An excel file with examples so that you can follow along with each step.